Network Audit Program

Our Network Audit Program provides your business with a comprehensive review of your local area network’s environment. With the demands on your network today, this program is an effective tool for identifying issues before they begin. Our team gathers information and analyzes the usage on your current network environment.

The information gathered will provide details of the operating system’s network environment to compare against accepted system management practices. A summary report that outlines potential problems is provided with this service as well as a responsive course of action.

  • System Data Checks – We evaluate how the directory file structure is designed along with passwords, account names, file protection and auditing.

  • Virus Protection – We examine connectivity links from the Internet as well as modems or disks that can attack the integrity of the programs and data in the system.

  • Network File Utilization – We audit the file system design and performance. We also review secondary storage and general configuration design relating to network security.

  • Network Operational Procedures – We evaluate overall procedures for network management, virus protection and network file maintenance.

  • Internet Access and Firewall Protection.


  1. Proactively reveals potential weaknesses in network environment.

  2. Identifies corrective actions and areas for improvement in security procedures or virus protection.

  3. Maximizes accessibility for enhanced end-user productivity without security issues.

  4. Measures effectiveness of current network management processes.

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