Disaster Recovery and Data Storage

Disasters are not something organizations generally plan for in day to day operations. Unfortunately disasters do occasionally happen. For computer systems a disaster can be as simple as a lighting strike or a sprinkler that went off inadvertently. Most organizations have critical information on their systems. It is important to have a plan and system in place to avert disasters whenever possible, and to be ready for the worst case scenarios.

Our engineers will first examine the current system and design the best disaster recovery system for your needs. The second step of the program is to create a worst case scenario disaster recovery program that will define procedures and a process to enact and train your employees on these procedures. The procedures will include processes that will minimize data loss with a major system failure, or provide backup systems for physically damaged situations. The third aspect of the program is to have an on going check on back up systems to ensure functionality and the security of the system. We will also provide a relationship with a data archiving service to protect your long-term data storage needs.

The Disaster Recovery program provides the following:

  • Disaster simulation testing
  • Examine and assess critical data and current back up procedures
  • Design a system and procedure for data recovery in the event of system failures
  • Design a system of procedures for environmental disasters with back up computer systems
  • Arrange off-site storage of business data and key information
  • Schedule and conduct all fault tolerant system checks
  • Create a test for all back up systems and procedures

This program provides the basis for protecting your critical business information in the case of unexpected disastrous circumstances. Securing your computer system's important data in a ready state will offer reassurance that your systems will continue to function in most disaster situations.

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