Full Service Agreement

Our server coverage provides the best response available for critical network needs. The coverage provides the following services:

Our team will respond to your system failure on a priority basis. A two (2) hour priority response agreement is provided to minimize the downtime on the server or backup system in your business.

24 7" COVERAGE *
The availability for this coverage is only offered through this agreement. Our technical experts will be at your site any day, any time to handle the critical response circumstances.

We will maintain and keep current records of all network related diagrams and attached equipment to the server.

We will deliver recommendations on backup systems and a system of procedures that maintain a fail-safe environment. This allows adequate backup and archiving processes, conducted by your organization in case of a critical system failure.

Our server agreement is the most comprehensive service coverage in the area. When you have this agreement you can rest assured your computer system is completely covered to your satisfaction.


   * Note: additional charges apply if a network diagram or
         an "asset inventory" needs to be established.

** Note: an additional after-hour fee is charged per incident.


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