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WallNet's customers have specific configuration needs, and they need a partner with the ability to rapidly configure and install multiple systems upon demand, both locally and nationally. WallNet has advanced configuration capabilities, QA processes, and deployment capabilities. The WallNet Configuration Center builds systems with everything from software and peripherals to advanced network operating systems.

Configuration Offerings Include:

  • Operating System Installation - Loading DOS, Windows 3.X, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Novell operating systems on CPU systems.

  • Application Installation - Loading both customer-supplied proprietary applications and commercially available software on CPU systems, on any of the above operating systems.

  • Board-Level Enhancement Installation - Installing additional memory expansion boards or kits, math co-processors, input/output boards, modems, fax boards, etc. into CPU systems and printers.

  • Mass Media Drive Installation - Installing hard disk drives, tape drives, CD disk drives, etc. into CPU systems. Hard disk drive formatting and custom partitioning is included in this service.

  • Peripheral Device Testing - Testing printers, external modems, hard drives, scanners, etc. to ensure proper operation.

  • Asset Tagging - Applying asset tracking tags to CPUs, monitors and printers during the configuration process.

  • Backup Disk - Providing a backup copy of the master disk software.

  • Custom Packaging and Labeling - Custom packaging and labeling of products and shipping boxes prior to shipment.

WallNet's Deployment Offerings Include:

  • Site Survey - Field visits by a Network Professional to document the client's environment.

  • Drop Shipments - Shipping product through most common carriers and by any preferred method (next day, second day, ground, and Saturday delivery).

  • Field Installation - Installation of cabling, computers, LANs, Internet Web Services, etc.
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